A crisp, balanced cider full of mouthwatering aromas of fresh juicy red apples, and hints of tropical fruit.

Lemon Basil

A light refreshing cider is infused with fresh organic basil and fresh squeezed lemon juice.  This is becoming our most requested cider.


A delicate cider with well rounded mouth­feel across the palate. Pronounced ripe Pineapples on the nose with hints of vanilla and butterscotch that linger with the finish.


A beautiful blend of crisp apple cider with a slight orange hue with an aromatic of Pumpkin and Fall spices.

Spiced Apple

Spiced apple cider
Spiced Apple Pie is a robust cider at first taste, while maintaining delicate tannin’s on the front pallet. The Nose is encoded with hints of Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Oranges. Finishing with a creamy smoothness, this cider is sure to make anyone feel warm inside.

Bee Hoppy

Bee Hoppy Cider
A refreshing crisp dry hop cider with citrus undertones finished with a kiss of honey.

Agave Peach

Agave Peach Cider
This unique hand crafted cider marries the rich sweetness of pure organic agave with the chin-dripping juiciness of a tree ripened peach.