Hard Pumpkin

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The Feeling of Fall in a Can.

We know, we know… There’s pumpkin spice everything these days. But while not every application of pumpkin is a good idea, apple cider is pretty much made for it! Give it a taste and you’ll see how smoothly the crisp apples take to the warm spices of autumn, creating an aroma that evokes all the feels of cool days and crunching leaves. Enticingly sweet and incredibly smooth, our Hard Pumpkin is the perfect treat for the fall lover in all of us.

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Nutritional Info

Gluten Free
5% ABV
16 oz per container
12 oz serving size
140 calories
0 g total fat
12 mg sodium
17 g total carbs
17 g sugars
0 g protein

Taste Notes

Aroma of pumpkin pie

Nose of fall spices

Sweet and very smooth

Cider Awards

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How Wild is Made

Perfecting The Process

Today, Wild Cider is writing a new chapter in the age-old story of cider. Apples are sourced from northeast Washington, a region famous for producing the finest cider apples available. Using six or more unique apple varieties at a time, we have created complex flavor profiles the world has never seen before.

Unlike other ciders, we conduct a slow and cold fermentation which results in a vibrant, smooth taste that’s not only delicious on its own, but ideal for blending with other carefully chosen flavors and essences. This has allowed us to create innovative products that shatter all expectations of what cider can, and should, be.

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